Metal structures

Design, calculation, production and assembly of metal structures with carbon steel sections and beams. Welded or bolted joins.

The design and calculation of metal and concrete structures normally accompany our boiler products.

We have the computer equipment and programmes that in common use, such as CYPE, SAP, TEKLA.

The production of metal and concrete structures typically accompanies our boiler products.

The metal structures we manufacture are fully reliable as a result of our comprehensive oversight of the project, including the most rigorous quality inspections.

At PROYCON PIRINEO we have our own technical means and standardised equipment which is specialised for the production of metal structures, which allows us to tackle any kind of project, size or technical complexity notwithstanding. Accurate production with quality finishing ensures efficient, cost-effective, trouble-free assembly.

One important feature in the development of this type of project is the transport. At PROYCON PIRINEO the transport adapts to the work and not the other way around, so the company responds to the customer where the installation needs to be situated.

Our team of Industrial Engineers, Civil Engineers, Technical Architects, Draftsmen and Reckoners specialised in the various activities mentioned is available to you.

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Metal structures

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