Calculation and quality standars

The aim of PROYCON PIRINEO is continuous improvement in the quality of performance of its products and services, satisfying the expectations of all customers, this ensuring their trust and the long-term success of the company.

Our technical office allows us to undertake the design of pressure equipment, storage and structures, in line with prestigious standards. The design and construction is reviewed by a Notified Oversight Body, with the ‘CE’ marking in accordance with European Directive 97/23/CE.

To assist with this, the company has the most advanced design programmes available. PROYCON PIRINEO works with the following calculation and design codes:

  • ASME
  • EN
  • SAP2000

Proyectos y Construcciones Pirineo, S.L., is registered as a Manufacturer and Installer of pressure equipment.


PROYCON PIRINEO carries out a continuous evaluation of suppliers, where: A systematic breach of the requirements established for the supply or a repeated or especially serious Incident in the opinion of Management, may directly lead to its evaluation as a Non-Approved supplier.

The Quality Manager will carry out an annual review of the results of the continuous evaluation of suppliers in case it is necessary to propose any type of action.

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