We know how important it is to have the best and most innovative machinery for an optimal final result for our customers’ projects.

At PROYCON PIRINEO we have the best technology available for our customers for the achievement of each project.

  • 3 m x 12 m sheet cutting shears.
  • 4 m and 250 tons folding machine.
  • 2 m x 6 mm cylinder.
  • 2 m x 10 mm cylinder.
  • 3 m x 30 mm cylinder.
  • Vertical cylinder with pipes and plates.
  • Plasma Max 200.
  • Punching machines of various capacities.
  • Belt saws.
  • 7 m x 7 m Welding Column.
  • Turning gear for ferrules and equipment up to 50 tons.
  • Turning gear up to 2 tons for welding small units and pipes.
  • 50 and 150 ton hydraulic presses.
  • Welding machines:
    • Automatic for ferrules of up to 2 m.
    • 800 amp submerged arc.
    • Semi-automatic for different materials.
    • TIG.
    • Orbital.
  • Fixed boring machine, bar diameter 110.
  • Milling machines of different sizes.
  • Radial drills to 1500 and 0 75 drill bits.
  • Tap.
  • Conventional lathe, to 4 m.
  • Hofmann balancing machine.
  • Blast chamber to treat carbon steel surfaces.
  • Glass or stainless steel ball chamber, for surface treatment of stainless steels and other special steels.
  • Heated painting chamber.
  • 4 ton Linde trolley.
  • 2 ton Linde trolley.
  • Works and office huts.
  • Truck cranes – different tonnage.
  • Cranes – different tonnage.
  • Lifting platforms.
  • Transport and assembly vans.
  • Transport lorries.

Lastly, PROYCON PIRINEO has a large number of suppliers who provide special manufactured parts, such as rolled bases, laser and water cutting, machining of large-scale units, machining of serial parts, large assembly cranes, components and diverse special elements.

We innovate every day for the benefit of our clients

Quality and excellence at the service of your projects

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