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Industrial equipment

We design and manufacture equipment for chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical or food industries, among others.


Design, calculation, production and assembly of metal structures with carbon steel sections and beams. Welded or bolted joins.

Wharehouses and Industrial Buildings

We have all the means for the construction of manufacturing plants, warehouses, gas stations, garages, etc.


An experienced team has its own equipment to undertake industrial assembly, including truck/trailers, gondolas, truck cranes, cranes and lifting equipment .


We manufacture special equipment in accordance with customer demand


For example:

Titanium centrifuge baskets

Centrifuge body for posterior inner treatment

Site for unloading of granular products into big-bag, for weighing and transport

Zirconium gas outlet.

Shells for multicyclone filters for the food industry.

We innovate for the benefit of our clients

Silos construction and assembly system in IQE with automatic welding machine.
Celdas electrolíticas fabricadas
We are builders


We build electrolytic cells for the sodium chlorate manufacturing industry, as well as for the manufacturing of sodium hypochlorite.

Likewise, we work on the activation of anodes with iridium and ruthenium, as well as the electrolysis of surface platinum, to improve electrical contact.

For these applications, busbars of aluminium or copper are created and the necessary flexible connections. Bimetallic metals are used for interconnection parts.

We have developed projects in more than 37 countries

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Proycon group company

Water treatment equipment

We calculate, design and manufacture purification equipment for the treatment of industrial and urban wastewater. We offer a wide range of equipment: gates, grates, sieves, conveyors, compactors, grit traps, degreasers, aerators, decanters, etc ...
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